Problems with Mortgage Lenders

Mar 30, 2021

Problems with Mortgage Lenders Spray Foam Removal

Most UK mortgage lenders as well as equity release companies will not consider applications on properties where spray foam insulation is used. There are also reports where properties had their roofs replaced in order to satisfy a lender.

While some lenders could consider the use of spray foam insulation as an acceptable improvement to a home, most mortgage lenders will not. The fact that spray foam has been used on homes and other UK properties for over 30 years is not an indication that it’s a good idea.

Should more lenders refuse to consider properties with spray foam for insulation, it could result in the following:

  • Your property will be harder to sell or re-mortgage.
  • The value of your property may be impacted.
  • A roof replacement may be required in order to finance your home.

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